Participating Artists:
Live Act
Live Act
United Kingdom
Masters of Puppets
08/07/2021 - 11/07/2021

Tickets + Bungalows + Shuttles available NOW:
After a long pandemic winter and a significant lack of possibilities to have a solid party, we present you “Shorttrips!” brought to you by Masters of Puppets and Kodama.
Featuring:- Lambda Labs QX 3 Soundsystem
– Massive International Lineup
– 3D Mapping
– Advanced Psychedelic Decorations
– 3 Nights and 4 Days
– Limited to 1500 People
– Fusion of Rage and Kodamastage
– Variety of Food and Artshops
– Presale Only
– Hygienical Concept
Attendance is only permitted with one of the following documents:1. a test certificate that is no more than 24hrs old
2. a certificate showing your first vaccine dose
3. recovery certificate from COVID-19(ONLY ONE OF THE THREE NEEDED!)
It took some time to confirm everything and get to the point where government regulations were in our favour, but here we are, super excited to finally announce it. A proper gathering and celebration have been long overdue, and there is more unheard music out there than ever before, one of our core motivations to keep trying and staying ready.
Due to the ongoing pandemic, we are experiencing financial difficulties in maintaining our event organisation, resources, and infrastructure, as well as meeting other obligations, including a portion of the refunds. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused!
“Shorttrips!”, in that sense, is a fundraiser to help get back on top of our obligations, while at the same time and first of all, partying hard.
Please be aware that the full-scale Masters of Puppets Festival 2021 has been POSTPONED to 2022; your 2021 festival tickets will be valid in 2022, but are NOT VALID for “Masters of Puppets pres. Shorttrips!”
▂ ▃ ▅ ▆ █ ★ SHORTTRIPS LINEUP ★ █ ▆ ▅ ▃ ▂
► Aida Arko (Suara Records / Soma Records)► Caleidoscope (Soundlab Pirates)► Caro Sunshine (Gaggalacka)► Charis (Soundlab Pirates)► Chudl (Banyan Records)► Circuit Jerk (Masters of Puppets)► Cryptical Concept (Dopetec Records)► Etaric (Habitat)► Fabio Amigo (Kodama)► Goagnom (Masters of Puppets)► Highko (Blast Records)► Highwar (Blast Records)► Hu Gadam (Banyan Records)► Insano & Camsis (Banyan Records / Vantara Vichitra)► Kamala (Digital Chakra)► Kasatka (Alice-D Records)► Kebun (Masters of Puppets)► Kimmei (Parvati Records)► KLANGMASSAKER (Soundlab Pirates)► Kykeon (Nutria Dance Records)► Liquidsound (Headroom Productions)► Logic Psycho (Masters of Puppets)► Lova (Nutria Dance Records)► Maiko (Alice-D Records)► Mentalecho (Zulutunes)► Microdot vs. Timefly (24/7 Records)► Mindplax (Alice – D Records)►Mind Oscillation (Deviant Force / Banyan Records)► Murukhan (Hippyflip Records)► Nocturne’s Creatures (Damaru Records)► Nocult (Damaru Records)► Nono (Masters of Puppets)► Orestis (Celestial Textures)► Panwuwu (Kodama)► Perpetuum (Masters of Puppets)► Phreneticus (Hyprid Records)► Psykia (Banyan Records / Vantara Vichitra)► Psyrix (Hedonix)► Rawar (Osom-Music)► Sabsunshine (Soundlab Pirates)► Selective Mood (Zulutunes)► Shamaniak (Banyan Records)► Spashee (Masters of Puppets)► Tapanov (Spirit Base)► Tekaeh (Zulutunes)► Tzu Jan (Hyprid Records)► Uurohmbre (Shipibo Sounds)► Xenrox (Kamino Records)► Zela (Psychedelic Freax)► Zik (Zik World)► Zikore (Zikore Music)
– Decorations and Mapping -► Illuminalien Deco Concepts► Verticon Decorations► Lumalux Mapping
Tickets + Bungalows + Shuttles available NOW:
– Presale -135 € + Bookingfee- On the Gate -145 €
– Bungalows –2 People: 175 € + Bookingfee-4 People: 350 € + Bookingfee150 € Deposit for each Bungalow!
– Shuttles -Berlin – Festival 07.07.21 @ 12:00 PM
Festival – Berlin 12.07.21 @ 12:00 PMAll Berlin shuttles will depart from and arrive back to Berlin Ostbahnhof.Vienna – Festival 07.07.21 @ 12:00 PM
Festival – Vienna 12.07.21 @ 12:00 PMAll Vienna shuttles will depart from and arrive back to Vienna Westbahnhof.Pick up and drop off at the festival site will be in the ticket area (where you will receive your festival wristband). Please share this info with your friends!
– Public Transport -Info available from our website: you soon 😈 Weniger anzeigen