About Banyan Records

The Banyan symbolizes elements of the cosmic sacrifice and eternal life or wisdom. As such, the tree is considered a man, whose spirit is reaching up towards the source of life. The Vital Force within man moves towards the heavens within him, likened to the spiritual serpent entwining the caduceus and provides the seat in the brain where the seed of wisdom can germinate. The conscious spirit of man flies up in willing sacrifice, knowing that its lower nature will eventually have to die.
In this way, man becomes host to the earthbound Great Sacrifice which, once rooted, will provide a canopy of shade and shelter to multitudes of souls. As is true with the Banyan Tree, an intricate and extensive network of prop roots is necessary to sustain life. We as a collective, truly believe the same goes for humans and all other “earthling” forms of life.These expansive prop roots include but are not limited to, physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual aspects.
Our ultimate vision is to grow like the Banyan Tree to cover a seemingly ever-expanding , mind bending journey through psychedelic music. The Banyan Records collective just like the Banyan Tree will expand as far as the eye can see and shelter and foster the musical community around it and all those who are a part of our journey. This is why we chose the Banyan Tree to symbolize our vision and we know it is up to the task.

We take your mind to a sonic journey where it has never been before.