Banyan Records is happy to present the second edition of the ´Forest of Banyan´ series which again is compiled by the two heads of the label – Senang and Asmodis. After a few Ep free releases we are excited to announce the release of another compilation on CD with new as well as already established artists from the Banyan family. In the beginning, a banyan tree is just a seed that falls on nutritious soil, but from this seed slowly a small tree begins to grow, and this small tree grows and grows and becomes bigger, stronger and more energetic – just like our Banyan family. Over time there are lots of lifeforms that gather around and connect to a banyan tree and grow together with it – there´s lichen, moss and ferns that grow on its bark, life too small to see that lives among its roots, there are flies, bees and beetles that use the tree for shelter or food, and even birds that nest in its branches.

Various Artists - Forest of Banyan II