My name is Matthias and I was born in Bavaria in the 70s. In my early years as a youngling I had to learn a lot of uncool instruments and because i never found fun in play scales for hours I didn‘t really practice and instead had more time for other interests. Since I can‘t sing and can‘t play any cool instruments Ilways loved to listen to music and when the first Front 242 CD finally found its way into my CD player, I was hooked on electronic music. I started to buy synthesizers from my first hard earned money and started a long jouney into experimental music, noise and industrial sounds. I released music on vinyl, cassette and traveled the world playing noise shows and enjoying life to the full.
Over the years my musical interests shifted towards dark ambient and idm for some deep space exploration trips to the outer rims of the solar system. During a short visit back to good old earth I went on a walk through the winter woods with some decent black metal in my ears and uncle Albert by my side and for a moment the Spirit of the Forest appeared and gave me a mission to spread love and happines among human beings.
On that day my journey into the world of psychedelic music started and from that day on, I am trying hard to develop some lovely melodies but it never works out. Instead, I end up with some darker tunes,…. a truly desperate situation, I assure you….. but I am on a mission and I won‘t stop spreading lovely darkness to the masses!!

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